Lake & Conservation Committee

Honey bees may be getting all the press, but they’re not the only pollinators in town. The United States is home to almost 4,000 native bee species (honey bees are non-natives brought here from Europe). One way you can help protect pollinators is to build a home for them. Mason bees lay their eggs in tree holes made by woodpeckers or insects, and you can replicate these holes by building your own bee condo. Nesting starts as early as February in lower states and as late as June in colder areas. Mason bees can be found throughout North America, are very gentle, and are much more efficient than honey bees at pollinating plants. This simple project is well-suited to youth programs and family activities.

For Members who would like to try their hand at raising Honey Bees to Harvest Honey here is a plan to build your Hive.  Honey Bee hives are best started in the early spring time to take advantage of the availability of emerging queens & Honey bees and the newly blossoming spring flowers. 

The Izaak Walton Foundation had given the Chapter a grant of $6,240 to support improvements in Neff Lake and control over erosion.

Load the BeeSmart App on your smart phone or Tablet to see the best information on Pollinator Gardens and the native plants of Virginia that should be used:  

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