The Izaak Walton Park and its facilities are maintained exclusively by volunteers.  We have no paid staff and avoid using contractors wherever possible. 


Please join us in helping to make the best of this superb community resource that we are privileged to administer.

When you submitted your Membership Application, you indicated the areas at right that you were willing to help.  While we have these preferences recorded for new Members who joined after our QuickBooks system was implemented, we are missing that data for our older members. 


To ensure we have a complete list of our Members' interests, please complete and submit the Volunteer form at right - this will  allow us to selectively contact you for assistance as project needs arise

In addition, we need Members to help us on the Board.  A steady turnover in our leadership is healthy and allows for the insertion of new ideas and approaches.  Please also indicate whether you are willing to consider joining our Board.

Project Opportunities

(Not in order of priority)

1.  Our parking lot lights are old style, power hungry and the solar switch does not work reliably.  We need to replace the existing lights with LED lights and add two more on the additional posts that have electrical feed available.  Lights and parts are in the Chapter office, we need one or more members with access to a bucket truck and comfortable with working with electrical wiring.  Contact Chris Barltrop for details.

2.  The 5-Stand for the Shotgun Range is complete except for the roof - we have the materials but need help on installing this roof.  Carpentry skills required.  Contact Mike Harper for details.

3.  Fish Gate needed at the end of the lake - materials have been procured, we need help with installation.  Contact Brian Callahan for details.

4.  Our walking trail renovation is nearing completion - we need additional help to complete this project.  Contact Brian Callahan for details.

5.  Phone line to the gate - the buried phone line between the Chapter House and the gate used to update the gate database is corroded and no longer usable - we have acquired appropriate aerial wiring but need help with stringing it between the gate and the Chapter House.

Parts would have to be acquired to support whatever method is selected.  Contact Chris Barltrop for details.

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