Shotgun Range CLOSED until further notice 

The Shotgun Range is managed by Rick Hill - contact him on if you want to shoot clays.

The New 5-Stand shotgun platform is starting to rise...  help always appreciated, contact Rick Hill if you want to help with construction, or Chris Barltrop if you want to help with the cost of the stand or the equipment we are adding, some of which is shown below.



Construction in process - your member dues and donations provide the materials, Chapter volunteers provide the labor



RSOs needed at the Shotgun Range and an update of the 5-station shooting platform and wobble trap


The shotgun shooting range is open and we are in need of RSOs for this season. For the beginning of the season we will open Saturday and Sunday from 1 PM until 3 PM and will primarily need RSOs on Saturday afternoon. Last season we moved Saturday hours to 10 AM until 1 PM trying to beat the heat of the day. 

Please take a look at your calendar and if you can spare a couple hours once a month we look forward to you volunteering.  Please send me the days you are available and we will place them on the monthly calendar web site.

Thanks to all the members that came out and helped us take down the existing tower. We are well on our way to upgrading our range and the new wobble trap.

Don Miller has been working on our building plans and should have an updated material take off by end of the month and have plans approved by Frederick County by end of May. We would like to purchase materials through the chapter and build the platform with help from the chapter members. Basically, we are building a deck with a roof so with enough help we could do this in house. Let us know if you are interested in helping us build the platform - please let us know and will keep you in the loop as to when.

We applied for an NRA grant to purchase the wobble trap but were turned down for 2019. We are currently filling out an application to IWLA Endowment Fund but won’t know about that until later in the shooting season.  The good news is we are looking at other auto traps from Lafayette IWLA and may be able to incorporate them into the shooting field for now even without the wobble trap.

Thank you for all your support in 2018, we are looking forward to 2019 and all the possibilities it will bring to WIWL. We look forward to seeing each of you on the shotgun range.



I am currently a C-class shooter and I see a lot of shooters around me changing chokes and shot sizes. What do you prefer and why?


I personally shoot fixed chokes (mod and mod) in my Perazzi, which might give you some insight as to my bias. I shoot 7½ shot and, when competing, I carry 8½ or 9 shot for closer targets or those that show belly or face, like a battue.

Chokes are a personal choice, as is the decision to change to affect pattern size. There’s plenty of technical evidence that changing chokes and/or shot size will change pattern density at a given distance. For the sake of available space as well as the plethora of good information available, I will defer to others regarding the technical justification for choke changing. The advantage one gains from changing an improved cylinder choke to a light modified, for example (5/1000th of an inch), or changing shells from 7½ to 8 shot, is infinitesimal. I am not suggesting that you should convert to fixed choke or avoid changing chokes or shot size altogether. However, the advantage of changing chokes to gain a very small change in pattern density is, in my opinion, counterproductive.

I can share one ironclad observation: With few exceptions, a shooter will place less importance on changing chokes as he or she progresses and improves in shooting proficiency. The more mature shooter understands that the time spent fiddling with chokes can be better spent studying the targets and tweaking the shot plan. My suggestion is that you select a good medium constriction choke (IC or LM) and change chokes only when you are presented with an “extreme” target such as a crossing rabbit at 15 yards or a flat, edgy crossing standard target at 50 yards. I urge my students to spend more time on shot planning and executing a rock-solid pre-shot planning process than fiddling with chokes.

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