Range Committee

The Range Committee covers all three outdoor ranges plus the proposed air-gun range, including the physical condition of the ranges and the policies and procedures covering Member use of the ranges.

September 2019 Range Committee Meeting Synopsis


Target Archery Range  (PIC:  Leo Carling):


Leo has continued to clear the field single handedly with great success.  Still needs work to level and remove some of the bigger trees/bushes that remain.  The Range Committee Recommends that these items be added to October 19th workday.  Leo will be out of state that date so a Range Committee representative will assist.


The budget for the Target Archery Range has been reviewed and will be presented to the BOD on 1st.


An issue has arisen regarding invasive weeds in the field and their resistance to conventional methods to remove them permanently.  A USDA Agronomist is working with us to address the situation.


Shotgun Range (PIC:  Rick Hill):

The work on the Five Stand is progressing.  The footers have been dug and approved by the County.  Five of the used traps purchased earlier this year have been mounted on carts and a couple more are being repaired by manufacturer trained reps.


A work party is needed on Saturday, October 5th to set the structural posts for the pavilion.  An Oct 19th range clean-up work party also is planned.


The Beretta A-300 Outlander we obtained in a grant from the NRA malfunctioned repeatedly in test firing.  We have notified Beretta’s Service Center in MD and have received labels to ship the firearm to them for repair or replacement.


We also have 2-Remington 11-87 12 gauge from the NRA.  We had made arrangements with Middletown Fire Arms to exchange them evenly for the same model in 20 gauge.  To date, the 11-87 20 gauge model has not been available from their distributors, so we are considering seeing if we can exchange them for Weatherby semi-auto 20 gauge shotguns that are in a similar price line—


R-P Range (PIC:  Dave Prater):

We are continuing to do some prelim research on adding two (2) 30 yard deep training ranges along the left-side hills that parallel the road to the current range.  The width would be around 10-12 yards wide.  We have been told by the County that as long as we do not encroach on the flood plain, we need no permit.  The project would require the removal of trees and digging the range on a slight slope for drainage.  It also might need possible reinforcement of the high backstop area in the hill to prevent erosion. 


Signage at the Range is not satisfactory—it is old in many cases and needs to be upgraded.  The NRA basic Rage Rules and our specific range rules need to be prominently displayed.  The Emergency Procedure process also should be on display.


There are no trauma packs on the R-P Range nor for that matter at the Shotgun Range—We should have these packs available at both Ranges and perhaps consider 2 at the R- P Range—pistol side and rifle side—Looking at about $30 per pack.  Biggest concern—would members remove them or the contents for personal use?  Again, no way to oversee without permanent RSO/RO presences.


Gong rules need to be put on signage and prominently displayed at Range.  We should consider re-positioning the gong a little further uphill at 100 yard range—This could be done at Oct 19th workday along with placing right hand 100 yard range limit pole in place.


Need to address the need for Range Incidents Reports when there is a safety violation or failure to sign-in/pay guest fee/not display membership card.  Since no RSO/RO is present,  it becomes a member responsibility to police fellow members—these reports need to come to the Range Committee Chair and the President.  Disciplinary procedure would be at the Committee level—educate 1st; repeat violation by a member gets warning and expulsion from Range for the day/time period.  Further action is dependent on severity of violation.  BOD resolution required to give Range Committee full rein over disciplinary actions/punishment short of expulsion from Chapter—Committee ruling , if appealed by offender, requires BOD involvement and final decision.


Mandatory RQ Exercise Update (PIC:  Dave Prater):

The current 2nd and 4th Thursday night sessions (4 each night) will no longer be offered after Thursday, October 24th 2019.  Two (2) Sessions will be available the first Sunday of each month beginning in November 2019 on a space available basis at the New Member Orientation Meeting.  Current Members need only attend the RQ Session at the conclusion of the Meeting.  Please note that new members will have preference for all open slots at these sessions. Current members will be placed in a session on a first come, first served basis for remaining open positions.   The Sessions’ reservations will be coordinated between the Membership-Director and the Range Committee designated RQ administrator.


All members need to be aware that as of Feb 15, 2020, they will no longer have range privileges unless they have completed the RQ Exercise or have been given an exemption.  2020 Membership cards will have the new RQ stamp but that presupposes members pay their 2020 dues by 12/31/2019.  The 45 day grace period will be enforced by a corps of RSOs visiting the range at different times and days—


RSO Presences and Training.

The Range Committee is all in agreement that we should vigorously pursue the implementation of full time RSO presence on the R-P Range and not allow live fire shooting unless an RSO or a Chapter designated RO is present.  The Range should be locked down unless and RSO/RO is present as we do on the Shotgun Range.  RSO/ROs would be permitted to use the Range without another RSO/RO present.


 The Committee will work with the E & T Committee to develop an internal RO training program to increase the pool of RSO available to be designated as a safety officer on our Ranges.  E & T also will continue to offer NRA Basic RSO course and increase the number of annual offerings for those who wish to have NRA accreditation which is the standard accepted worldwide for live fire ranges.   

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