Range Policy, Standard Operating Procedures
and Safety Rules

Only Open Sections are shown as options, but given lag time on removal, may not be available. 

No additional sessions other than those listed in the form are scheduled this year so if you wish to use our Ranges in 2020, have not taken the course or qualified for exception, and cannot take one of the Sections listed, then you will have to attend a New Member Orientation session to qualify.

Mandatory Range Qualification Program 2020-2021 Update


Members may make on-line reservation at the WIWL website using the sign up form at right or by e-mail:  range@winchester-iwla.org.  Reservations are on a first come-first served basis - available Sessions are shown in the Sign-up form's pick-list for first and second choice.  Members should leave contact info—phone and e-mail contact—to ensure confirmation exact date and time of their reservation. 


We also will need to know if you intend to do the Exercise using pistol or rifle as well as the caliber of choice.  The Chapter will have 5 pistols and 5 rifles available with dummy snap caps.  Members may bring their own firearm of choice but it must be cased and in a “made safe condition”—magazine, if any, out, action open, chamber clear in the gun case.  A chamber flag may be inserted as well.  You must have one (1) 10 round (or less) magazine available for your firearm as well, if magazine fed.  A small range bag will be provided for the exercise. Limited number of dummy rounds (snap caps) for the most common calibers are available for Chapter provided firearms; however, we recommend you buy a set for your firearm, especially if your caliber is not a common caliber as we cannot supply all calibers.  Snap caps (not dummy exercise rounds) can be purchased on line through Midway USA or other sites like Palmetto Armory or Grab a Gun, etc., as well as at local gun stores.


Common Pistol  Caliber snap caps available: .22 caliber LR; .22 WMR (dummies only) .380 ACP; 9MM Luger; .38 Special; .357 Magnum; .40 S & W; .45 Auto; .45 LC; .44 Mag.  Common Rifle Caliber snap caps:  .223; .243; .270; 7.62 x 39; 30-30; 30 Carbine; .308; 30-06.  If you do not see it, we do not have it to loan you for the exercise.  Good shooting practices suggest having snap caps for your individual firearms is smart—allows you to work on fundamentals before you put some down the tube—


NOTE:  No Live Ammunition/Concealed Carry Allowed in Chapter House during Exercise Sessions

Putting your dues and our volunteers to work - another example of our efforts to upgrade our Park.

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volunteering definitely allowed!

As part of its conservation and hunter education program, the WIWL operates and maintains on its property firearms and archery ranges for the use of its members, their guest, approved youth organizations’ training activity and training of participants in Chapter approved public education programs.  These ranges allow authorized users to train and maintain proficiency and safe use in the handling of personal firearms and archery tackle.  Support training also is offered in the acquisition of new skills focused on the safe and effective use of firearms and archery tackle. 

The Ranges also provide a venue for maintenance and accuracy testing (zeroing, scope adjustments, etc.) of personal firearms, adult and youth competitive shooting activities, Hunter Safety Courses and other recreational shooting activities.


The range procedures in this SOP are formulated to allow ease of use of the facilities without imposing excessive administrative or procedural constraints.  The ranges are here to be used. However, members and all others using the ranges must do so in a safe manner.  Their actions must pose no danger to themselves, to other users, other members/guests/invitees in the park or to neighbors beyond the WIWL Chapter’s property boundaries.


Safety is largely a matter of common sense.  If something seems dangerous, it probably is and should be avoided.  You and others are in a hazardous area when on the ranges.  When you do not follow the rules you create an even more dangerous environment.  Pay attention and be aware of potential hazards at all times.


The overriding factor in the use of WIWL ranges is SAFETY AND THE PROPER HANDLING of firearms and archery equipment at all times.

Click on the PDF button to review the WIWL Range Policy, SOP and Safety Rules - every member using our ranges is expected to have read and to abide by these rules.

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