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Winchester Izaak Walton League

Work Day

Saturday, October 19, 2019



We need you for our fall work day, Saturday, Oct. 19! There’ll be a surprise lunch, and it won’t be pizza! And remember, volunteer work means a discount on your membership dues as well as the satisfaction of contributing to the success of the chapter.

We plan to start at 0800 hours with coffee and doughnuts while we organize work teams.  At 1215 hours, lunch will be served in the Chapter House with the surprise (not pizza) lunch.


Volunteers should bring:

  • Chain saws

  • Axes and shovels

  • Weed whackers

  • Log splitter

The chapter has two weed whackers and one chain saw; more are needed. We will be renting a wood chipper and a log splitter, but we could use at least one more log splitter.

General Job List

You can sign up for a job, or be assigned to one:

  1. Mow grass, at least 2 are needed;

  2. Wood chipper; at least 5 or 6 people needed;

  3. Large, felled trees need cutting up and the logs split

    1. One tree at entrance to the rifle/pistol range;

    2. One huge tree at the approach to the campsite;

  4. Brush pile at the entrance to the park on the left needs to go to the wood whipper; and the logs there needs to be split;

  5. String aerial phone line between the gate and the Chapter House;

  6. Replace both parking lot lights with LED replacements and install at least one additional light;

  7. Replace floor tile in the restrooms;

  8. Replace men’s room toilet;

  9. Touch up yellow paint on entrance gate;

  10.  Install combo lock on kitchen door;


Archery Range

Paul Arienti will ramrod the work to be done on the archery range:

  1. Remove stumps with orange-flag T-posts

  2. Remove logs, trees, and stumps at south end of archery range;

  3. Rough grade area at south end of range;

  4. Remove large, dead tree in the middle of the range.


It’s a long list and every item is necessary. It will only get done if you step up and volunteer. See you on the 19th!

Litigation Update

The final court hearing on the complaints by Mitchell and Strawderman to void our 2018 election and by Strawderman that he had been denied access to the corporate records he needed to fulfill his role as a director was held on Friday morning, September 27.  Our attorney, Stuart Nolan, was accompanied Dan Arico and Chris Barltrop. 


While we had prepared arguments demonstrating that each of these complaints were without merit, on advice of council we took the position that since neither were members of the WIWL they lacked legal standing to advance these complaints.  This approach was believed to avoid the need for discussion on the lack of merit of their complaints.  Mitchell and Strawderman sought to expand the hearing beyond the legal standing issue - the judge questioned what possible benefit they could derive from their complaints and limited the focus of the hearing to their legal standing. 


The Court agreed with us and ruled that since Mitchell and Strawderman were no longer members of our Chapter, they did not have legal standing for their complaints:  all remaining complaints brought by them against the Chapter were dismissed and the judge requested our attorney to write up the formal judgement for his signature.  Cases closed, and the ruling that they did not have legal standing would prevent any further complaints to the Court.

Volunteer to Support your Chapter!

The WIWL is an all volunteer organization with all dues going to the maintenance of the facilities and the programs we organize for our Members and the Public.  We depend on our Membership to volunteer to support our efforts.  Please click on the button to join a committee or to volunteer for special events that need help from our membership.

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