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The Education & Training Committee is responsible for educating members and the public on conservation and shooting sports issues and developing training programs in support of the IWLA’s mission.

E & T is reworking its proposed class schedule to address classes most wanted by members based on the info received to date from the WIWL  class offerings survey.


Also it is planning a NRA RSO Certification Class for late Sept and a NRA Basic Pistol to follow shortly thereafter.  


The basic pistol is a required class for doing the more advanced classes such as Personal Protection inside the home and Personal Protection Outside the Home.  


It also plans to offer the Refuse to be a Victim Seminar in the late Fall which is open to both men and women.  It is a NRA non-shooting format seminar focused on reduce the risks of becoming a victim of crime and other threats to person and property.


The survey is still available at the WIWL Website and at the Chapter House--If you have a particular NRA course you would like to take, you can either turn in the survey form or just send an e-mail to or


A schedule of classes for the remainder of the year will be published in August and available on the website.


The E & T, Membership and Ranges Committees are reviewing the current members orientation material.  The focus is to make it more understandable and cut down on verbiage so that members can better understand the various rules--also make it more participatory versus lecture style.  Look for revisions in the near future


We still need credentialed instructors and faciliatators for NRA and other training and educational clases and seminars.  Please contact either All Stitt or Dave Prater if you would be interested in becoming a possible course instructor.



Tel:  540-335-2468



Tel:  703-463-1376

E & T Update:  

E & T Committee Report

E & T Classes have been temporarily suspended due to the demands of Chapter House use for wedding receptions, graduation parties and similar events during this time of year.  We are planning to resume classes in mid-to late July and will publish a 6 months class schedule in the July newsletter—the schedule will likely kick off with a NRA Basic Pistol Class and a RSO Certification Class and be followed with a first step shotgun and First Step Rifle class.  A Basic Muzzle loading Class is also being planned.  Look for Defensive Pistol in early fall and for both advanced Personal Protection Classes (in the home and outside the home), too.  We also are looking for NRA certified Instructors/CRSOs to add to our current cadre of instructors.  Contact training @winchester-iwla or Al Stitt at 540-336-2468, if interested.


Classes on hold until July--will resume with a First Steps Rifle (4-5 hr class), First Steps shotgun (4-5 hr class), Basic Pistol, RSO Certification and a Muzzle loading Class.  Will finalize schedule with Al----Dana Ahrens and Brian would like to do a Class, so maybe they can do it then--Probably do a deal with $20 reduced fee for taking both--16 seats max.  Repeat again in Fall.  We will do a tentative revised E & T schedule for rest of year in June.

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