Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings & Grounds Committee is responsible for leading the management and enhancement of all structural and equipment components of the Park’s facilities and any rental of those facilities.

It is no accident that our facilities are well maintained.  All depends on dedicated volunteers, and we have been fortunate to have a team that has consistently done an outstanding job behind the scenes.

Recent projects include:

Refurbishing the front gate to bring it up to code with the mesh, replace the control box and the road sensors, and tune the system so it would close fully.  We had to pay for that one.

Repairing the railing on the porch.

Replacing the garbage cans around the Park.

Adding to the appearance of the entrance to the Chapter House (thank you, Paul).

Cleaning out the BBQ pit (still needs a new roof).

Removing trees damaged by wind.

Upgrading the Chapter House Audio System.

Installing a Video Security System.

Sanding & painting of the picnic tables and the top rail around the deck.

Little things like replacing towel and soap dispensers.

Urgently needed projects include:

Reconnecting power to the old building and the metal shed - we had to disconnect because the anchors were rotting out and represented a fire hazard.  We know what needs to be done, including replacing the three power hungry lights in the parking lot with four LED lights, but need a licensed electrician to lead the work.

Replace the Chapter front door that is rusting out and the frame is unstable - again, we know what needs to replace it, but need volunteers to take on the installation.

Once the front door is replaced, we would like to look at installing a magnetic locking system that would secure the building but allow member access using their existing gate cards.  Here we need help not just in the installation, but also in deciding how best to do that and costing out the components so we can schedule when funding permits.

The Chapter Security Video System can handle up to eight cameras, so we need to add at least one additional camera outside to cover the parking lot and fuel storage area.

At some point we would like to add solar powered lighting to the Rifle/Pistol range to drive a replacement to the flags and a PA system.  Again, here we need help in defining how best to do that, costing it out and arranging for the installation.

So lots of opportunity for your support!

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